Sexy Fight Dreams

Sexy Fight Dreams specializes in bringing your female wrestling / catfight / fighting fantasies to life. You need to check that your favorite girls are currently available in their form, choose the kind of video, specify all your requirements and you’ll get an estimation. Prices start at approx 300 Euro for a 20 minutes video and largely depend on your requests. Of course you’ll need to include in the description all the details that are relevant to you.

Sexy Fight Dreams don’t do topless or nudity, all the rest is fine. All the videos on sale at their website were custom videos ordered by fans, so you can expect the same quality.

They have a photo-studio, with a proper lights set, and use Ultra HD (4K) cameras, multi directional microphones and professional operators. Editing is very carefully done and all spoken parts are subtitled in English. The director is a former music video clip producer, and is said to be a true perfectionist.

Yes: fantasy, scripted, semicompetitive, light fetish
No: competitive, topless, nude

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All the above information is extrapolated from the producer’s website