Allie Parker

What is a custom match?
It’s a match that you design, you are the booker! You can decide who I wrestle, who wins, even down to what gear we wear!

How much does a custom match cost?
The price of a custom match depends on many things. Matches will cost more when you have more details, bigger move sets, and the length of your match.

Basic Match Pricing:
5 min singles match:$150
10 min singles match= $250
15 min singles match=$300
20 min singles match=$350
*Adding a referee to your match is a $25 charge

Photo Match Pricing:
25 photos=$50
50 photos=$100
100 photos=$200

*Tag/other matches are available upon request

To order please fill out the order form completely, you may upload a photo of specific gear requests.


Yes: fantasy, scripted, semicompetitive, pro-style
No: topless, nude

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All the above information is extrapolated from the producer’s website

Allie Parker