Amateur Women Wrestling


J.B.& D.S.FILMS has been filming real fighting and wrestling matches for over 12 years. During this period we have gained a lot of valuable knowledge and expertise in the real fighting field. This knowledge has enabled us to produce some of the most aggressive, action packed female fighting and wrestling productions in the world.

We can film real fighting and wrestling matches that are custom made to your order. These custom made fights are in fact real fights that would be slightly modified to suit your particular interests. Some examples of our custom made fights are as follows

Real fighting or wrestling matches at special locations – such as a beach, a forest, in water, mud, pig farm, banana plantation etc
Real fighting or wrestling in exotic costumes – such as leather suits, g-string bikinis, g-string one piece suits, stockings, suspenders, knee high boots, schoolgirl uniforms, nurse uniforms, security guard uniforms, custom made clothing etc.
Real fighting and wrestling – big girl VS small girl, old woman VS young girl, black VS white, female VS male, 2 VS 1, 2 VS 2, etc.
Real fighting or wrestling matches with specific holds – The fight will be completely real. We will use the fighters that we know will try hard to win their fight by using the holds that you have requested. Head scissor holds, reverse head scissor holds, schoolgirl pins, face straddle pins, grapevine pins, face sitting pins, reverse face sitting pins, head locks and choker holds, Boston crab, tit to tit body pins, slapping, punching, kicking, fist fighting, boxing etc.
Each master tape that we produce for you would be sold with exclusive copyrights. We would provide all the relevant documents to give to you a clear title on your master. Documents provided by us are ·Models birth certificates, model release forms, Postal ID, photographs & negatives and the exclusive rights contract.

If you do not wish to own exclusive rights then your custom video will be sold on all JB&D Sports Films websites and outlets. Prices for these non exclusive custom videos are usually less than exclusive copyright videos and you are not allowed to resell these non exclusive videos.

Edited or non edited videos also determine final price.

If you would like us to film a fight for you or a series of fights for you, or to simply inquire about our prices, then please do not hesitate to contact us by email at –

Thank you for your interest!

Yes: competitive, semicompetitive
No: fantasy, topless, nude

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