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Do you want your fantasies to come true?
Order your custom clip. I and my team will shoot a film regarding your own script*.

Write me on my e-mail and we will discuss all the details.

While writing me your request for a custom clip please use the following form:

  1. Choose one or more main actresses.
  2. Choose the number of male actors who must be present simultaneously in a single frame
    a) let me know if it is possible for one actor to play in a few episodes changing clothes (images)
    b) Please tell me if it is important for you to male actor or group of actors or a specific character without a mask!
  3. Please discuss with me the clothes for the characters (if that’s important to You).
  4. Specify the length of the movie (minutes).
  5. Send me the detailed script if each detail of action is important to you (Please make sure that whether the script matches specified length of the film)
  6. Specify if you want me to use the special effects. (Specify what kind of sfx you want to present in your custom clip)
  7. Please specify the most important for you details!

*You CANNOT order any videos with sexual content or nudity.

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Yes: scripted, fantasy
No: competitive, topless, nude

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All the above information was provided by the producer