Super Action Fight



Please contact us at for current available roster. Visitors will be listed on front page of the site, and new recruits will be added to this page.


Wrestlers wear bikinis or one piece suits, when available. If you are interested in something else, contact us and we will determine if the outfit requested is acceptable for production.

If the final product suits our standards, we will reserve the right to release the final product on our site as a download and/or DVD release.

Ordering Information

All payments should be made through Paypal. If you do not wish to use Paypal, please contact us at to negotiate another form of payment.

How to Order: Please contact Brian at with your initial script idea along with what type of match you would like to purchase. You may also contact us with any questions you may have before you make a decision on what type match you would like to purchase. Once a script is approved and we are both in agreement, we will request that you make your payment at that time.

Yes: fantasy, scripted, semicompetitive, light fetish
No: competitive, topless, nude

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All the above information is extrapolated from the producer’s website