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Custom Videos by Doom Maidens Wrestling

In addition to our store videos, we are pleased to honor custom video requests that relate to wrestling, combat, catfighting, physical performance, physical dominance, fitness and exercise, or other interesting topics (please do contact us to discuss).
Price quotes for custom videos vary based on the following:
Number of performers required, Number of locations required, Type of location, Duration of the video, Complexity of attire.

We gladly accept special attire requests, such as uniforms, nylon, spandex, specific footwear, or other costuming.
Role play and scenario-based requests are also warmly welcomed!

We have a number of ladies and gentlemen on call with us here at our New York City homebase. We also work with wrestlers or models visiting our area.
In addition, we can perform casting calls if we need to call in additional talent and/or other body types. Please contact us for information on other talent.

Custom videos can be delivered either as a downloadable file or on DVD.
There is no additional charge or difference in price for custom DVDs or downloadables; you can have one, the other, or even both.
Downloadable files can be either MP4 or WMV. Your choice. MP4 is the default.
Standard display size for downloads is 1280 x 720.
Bit rate for downloads can be customized by customer request. Default bit rate is 3.5 mbps.

We film in High Definition, using progressive scan.

We keep our custom video customers informed with every step of the video production process.
Customers are always informed of the exact shoot date, once it has been set.
Customers are also notified once the filming session has been completed.
Any unexpected delays or issues are brought to a commissioning customer’s attention immediately.
Our turn-around time is fantastic, with videos usually edited, processed, and digitally delivered within 24 – 48 hours of filming.
DVDs customs are shipped on the morning following completion of processing, barring unforeseen circumstances.

To submit a custom video inquiry, please contact us through our contact page.
Please be as specific as you can be.
Once details have been finalized, payment will be requested before we schedule the shoot.
We will send you a digital invoice. If you prefer not to pay online, we can also accept checks or money orders.
We look forward to working with you!

Yes: competitive, fantasy, scripted, semicompetitive, light fetish, domination, physical performance, mixed
No: topless, nude, erotic

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All the above information is extrapolated from the producer’s website