We are the reference site for sexy fantasy female wrestling and fetish fights in France since 2019. We produce catfight videos, wrestling fantasy female wrestling action, mixed fights, ryona submissions and also catfight videos as well as high quality photo galleries.

We are focused on long, painful and sexy submission moves (like our famous extreme female boston crabs) and fetish fights. oxfighterz is made by our fans, all our videos have been scripted by our customers, so we can realize all your custom video fantasies, wrestling domination videos, and even competitive fights!
This site was inspired by Nina and her love of fighting. In the early 2000s, she met Malik, Photographer and videographer, also a fan of female wrestling.

Together, they started to do photo shoots on this theme and very quickly fans ordered custom videos of female fight, scripted domination, one-way submission fight videos, humiliation fight, ryona, facesitting, headscissors videos and much more.

Various types of videos of sexy bikini fights, lingerie wrestling, pantyhose and bra fetish fights, thong karate with garter belts are available on our website.
Nina produces foot fetish videos, Malik takes care of shooting fantasy wrestling videos in general. Our site contains many categories of female fighting.

With Tanya, Nikita Klosewood, Vixen, Mandeelou and now amateur wrestling stars like Bianca Blance, Antscha, Amrita from Japan, Sheena Wrestler and Warrior Amazon, oxfighterz.com is building a rich catalog of very high quality sexy female wrestling videos. in Full HD and even in 4K!

We hope you enjoy your visit to our store, do not hesitate to visit our ViP section for unlimited access to our video on demand catalog!

Your fantasy, your custom Video
oXfighterz team can make it happen!

You want to have your favorite oXfighterz girls, maybe wearing exotic suits, jeans, lingerie or sexy shorts, fighting just for you?

A specific move you want to see more of?

Tanya will be glad to get your custom requests,
send your email to custom@oxfighterz.com
IMPORTANT: If you don’t receive any answer from us, please check your spam folder in your mailbox.

Yes: fantasy, scripted, semicompetitive, fetish, foot fetish, domination, facesitting, competitive
No: nude

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