Pippa L’Vinn

Custom Matches
Prices start from £150 for 2 wrestlers in a 15 – 20 minute Match

Why not take advantage of all our facilities to set up a match between two or more of our wrestlers ?
We have done several of these custom matches and we aim to give you exactly what you wish.

We will try to set up a match between any wrestlers that work out of the wrestling factory.
Also we can get in touch with many wrestlers Male / Female that work on the British circuit.

Just write a script, with as much detail as you wish, with holds and moves you would like to see. Pick the wrestlers you would like in the match and what you would like them to wear.

The custom video we produce for you will be yours only, and could be with you in as little as 3 Days. We do not sell your custom match unless you give us express permission.

Please Email or Phone Pippa for further details.

Important Note

Although we will do our best to meet your wishes, there a few things that may be subject to confirmation. I.E. certain wrestlers may not be available to do matches, and may not be comfortable wearing certain items of clothing.
We do not produce video’s with Sex or Nude content, so please don’t ask.

Yes: fantasy, scripted, pro-style, semicompetitive, competitive
No: topless, nude, erotic

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All the above information is extrapolated from the producer’s website