Jersey Fantasy Wrestling Customs

Jersey Fantasy Wrestling Customs is the premiere and upcoming custom wrestling video company in the industry. Based out of Philadelphia/South New Jersey we deal with fantasy pro wrestling, submission wrestling as well as some semi-competitive wrestling.

How does it work?

Email describing the kind of match you want, which models we have available, time of the shoot, length of the video ( 10min, 15min, 20min), attire you wish participants to wear, holds or moves and how you want the match to end.


Our prices are based on the complexity of the script, how many performers needed for the video, moves, and attire. The easier and more basic the custom is, the lower the overall price will be. Please note the models we work with are not professionally trained wrestlers. We do not perform power moves or other moves that are considered dangerous. However, these ladies are good at creating fantasy images and actions. We do not allow topless, nudity, sexual content, and some fetish content.

Final Product:

Once we approved your script and received your payment via PayPal, we will add your script to the day of the shoot. The date of the shoot is usually a week or two after we received your payment. If there is a problem with scheduling with the model, we will let you know. Based on the video, you will receive a link to your video the week after the video shoot. In the event the model cancels or the shoot is cancelled, we will offer a replacement model or refund of your money. We also reserve all rights to offer your custom to sell in our clip stores after you received the video.

Female Session Wrestlers / Fetish Models Wanted:

Jersey Fantasy Wrestling Customs is currently looking to work with any FEMALE wrestlers or models. We are looking for anyone with some, little or no experience. We are currently working with a location to shoot from in Southern NJ. However, we can also go to a location you prefer. We are based out of Philadelphia/Southern New Jersey. We are willing to travel to North NJ, New York, parts of PA, Delaware, Virginia, and Maryland. If you are interested in working with us, please email

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Yes: Fantasy, Scripted, Fantasy Pro Wrestling, Submission Wrestling, Semi Competitive, Mixed
No: Topless, Nudity, Erotic, Some fetishes

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