We do everything possible to full fill your custom requests below is our policy on how to order customs, the cost, and rules to what the customs will entail.

NO NUDITY or EROTICA AT ALL. The models have final say as to what they will wear and do for the custom. SEND YOUR EMAILS TO CUSTOMS@HERBODIES.COM

Herbodies.com is all about real action. We are taking a different approach to women fighting/wrestling, we empower them. We are not fantasy and we do not do fake wrestling/grappling. When the girls are in a match they are all out trying to win. We take the time to teach and train the girls on how to properly do the moves as if they were in a real mma gym. During the matches and when one person taps, we stop and train them to do it better and how to get the advantage. When you will see the girls breathing heavy and sweating, this is due to them giving us a 100% to win and not acting. The arm wrestling is all real. Just because a girl has big muscles does not mean she is strong. We teach to empower these girls.

When you order a custom you are not only setting up the match that you want to see, but you are empowering them to learn life lessons in defending themselves and empowering them. We hire real mma trainers to work with the girls. The trainers do not just sit there and let the girls beat them, they fight back and the girls go all out. All videos are of the highest quality and your custom is personalized just for you.

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Yes: competitive, mixed
No: scripted, fantasy, topless, nude

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All the above information is extrapolated from the producer’s website